After more than a year of engagement with the community, RTD is pleased to introduce a simpler, more affordable, and more equitable fare system.

Big Fare Changes Are Here!

RTD’s new fare system brings lower fares, a reduced number of fare zones, consolidated Discount fares, and decreased costs for 3-Hour, Day, and Monthly Passes. Travel to and from the Airport is included in all Monthly and Discount Passes. We offer decreased costs for Access-a-Ride and introduce Access-a-Ride LiVE fares. The new fare system expands access to the LiVE program, introduces a transit assistance grant program as well as a new Semester Pass for post-secondary students, and much more.

Standard FaresDiscount Fares* (Includes Airport)
3-Hour Pass$2.75$1.35
Day Pass$5.50$2.70
Airport Day Pass$10no additional charge
Monthly Pass*$88$27

*Discount fares apply to seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients, and customers enrolled in LiVE. All Discount fares and Monthly Passes include travel to and from the Airport Fare Zone. Learn more information

Access-a-RideAccess-a-Ride LiVE (Effective March 2024)
One-Way Ticket$4.50$2.25

Save on Fares with fare capping when you use the MyRide App or Card

Fare capping ensures you never pay more than you should on RTD. When you use your MyRide Barcode or MyRide Card, 3-Hour Passes automatically convert to Day and Monthly Passes. Fare capping applies to individual tokens, so an account holder using their MyRide barcode will accumulate trips separately than those using a MyRide Card connected to the same account. This way, everyone saves!

New Fare Benefits

Lower FaresFor the first time, RTD has lowered fares on all services to make public transit a more attractive and financially viable option for everyone.
Simplified ProductsThe new fare structure streamlines the product suite, reducing complexity and enhancing ease of use for all customers as well as operators and fare enforcement.
Fewer Fare ZonesRTD has reduced number of fares zones to two, Local and Airport. Any trip originating or ending at Denver International Airport requires an airport fare product, with all other products being valid for travel across the rest of the system.
Consolidated DiscountsRecognizing the diversity of our customers, we are consolidating discounts to ensure fairness and clarity, eliminate confusion, and create a transparent system that benefits all.
Discount Fares
Expanded LiVE AccessRTD increased income limits and removed in-district requirements. For the first time, LiVE customers will be able to pay cash to purchase fares onboard vehicle and at TVMs.
Zero Fare for Youth PilotThis pilot program allows for youth 19 and under to ride RTD at no cost September 2023 to August 2024, ensuring transportation is not a barrier to accessing education or employment.
Zero Fare for Youth
Enhanced Pass ProgramsEcoPass, Neighborhood EcoPass, and CollegePass contracts will have two-year, utilization-based, fixed pricing while contract minimums are being reduced to lower barriers to participation.
Pass Programs
New Pass ProgramsRTD is creating a SemesterPass for students at technical schools and other colleges and universities not currently participating in CollegePass, while also developing a $1 million transit assistance grant program to provide ticket books to organizations that serve populations with immediate transit needs.

Discount Programs and Fares

RTD’s Nonprofit Program

RTD's Nonprofit Program offers reduced fares to eligible 501(c)(3) non-profit or governmental community/social service organizations that provide assistance to low income and homeless individuals. To learn more about the program and how to apply, please contact RTD's Nonprofit Program Coordinator by email.

Rail Fare Zones

Welcome aboard the RTD rail system, where convenience meets accessibility! RTD’s fare system is comprised of two fare zones: Local and Airport. For trips to or from Denver International Airport, customers will need an Airport Day Pass or Airport Upgrade. These options facilitate seamless travel throughout the entire network for Standard fare-paying customers. Notably, all Discount fare products include travel to and from the airport, ensuring affordability and ease for all customers.

Additional Fare Information

Fare Policies

No Refunds

There are no refunds for purchases of any fare products. Fare media may carry an end-of-year expiration date; if so, they may be eligible for credit towards a new ticket book during a limited period.

Fare Evasion

It is against the law to use RTD services without paying the fare (C.R.S. § 42-4-1416(2) Failure to Present a Valid Transit Pass or Coupon). Failure to present a valid transit pass, ticket, transfer or coupon could result in a fine of up to $106.50 including court costs. Fare evasion is punishable under the Colorado traffic code and failure to pay may result in the loss of a person's driving privileges. Multiple fare citations will result in suspension from RTD services for a pre-determined amount of time.

Fare Upgrades


To get the most value and convenience customers are encouraged to use the MyRide mobile barcode or MyRide card to pay for fares. When using these forms of payment trips accumulate and fares are capped to ensure you never pay more than you should. 3-Hour Passes automatically convert to Day and Monthly Passes based on travel, and if you take a trip to a higher fare zone you'll only pay the difference.If not using the MyRide barcode or card, customers are encouraged to purchase the Airport Day Pass rather than relying on upgrades for making multiple trips at different fare levels. However, customers may use an upgrade on a higher level of service.

Upgrade on a Trip to or from Denver International Airport:

Customers with a Standard 3-Hour Pass or Day Pass must pay for an airport upgrade ($7.25 from 3-Hour, $4.50 from Day) with cash on the bus or at a Ticket Vending Machine with cash, credit or debit at rail stations. All Discount fares include travel to and from the airport.


In most cases the bus fare that you pay will correspond to the service level of the route. However, on Airport routes it is possible to take a partial trip that qualifies for a lower fare, depending on the route and where you board and depart. If you know your trip qualifies for a non-airport fare be sure to tell the operator before you pay your fare so that you are charged correctly.

More Information

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